From Kindergarten To Secondary School, Here Are 3 Global Sevilla’s Academic Levels

From Kindergarten To Secondary School, Here Are 3 Global Sevilla’s Academic Levels

Global Sevilla Academics – Global Sevilla is one of the international schools that found in Jakarta. But what makes this school stand out among the hundreds of international institutions in the capital city? One of the exciting and brilliant ideas of this institution is the availability of 3 different academic levels. This one of many international school in Jakarta offers kindergarten, primary, and secondary school to develop a highly-educated young generation with a great mindset.


Kindergarten School In Global Sevilla

International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) is the best learning program that implemented in Kindergarten Global Sevilla. The main idea of this learning method is to make fun and practical learning. Students will not only have time to study materials but also provided some other activities in the school. In this case, the method has six primary or learning areas of development that mainly relate to the character-building aspect.

There will be activities that focus on physical development, such as games and sports. This international school in Jakarta also employs the language, communication, and literacy given through multilingual communication. The third area will be knowledge and understanding of the world. The fourth are numeracy, problem-solving, and reasoning, the fifth is creative development, and the sixth is personal, emotional, and social development.


Primary School In Global Sevilla

After learning with the fun method, the primary education level will mainly use Active Learning with an inquiry-based approach. As an international school, Global Sevilla also uses two international curriculums, which are Cambridge and international primary courses. The two different programs are fused to build a more creative, thematic, and comprehensive learning and teaching design. It will encourage learners for personal learning and skills development.


Secondary School In Global Sevilla

The secondary level in this international school in Jakarta will mainly focus on Project and research-based learning. The institution believes that in this stage, the Student should understand themselves, such as their skills, abilities, potential, strength, and weakness, plus their like and dislike. With that idea in mind, the learner will undergo innovative and creative experimental learning processes that also help them learn solving problems in the future.
With the mission to be the best international school in Indonesia, Jakarta, and the idea of having three academic levels are brilliant. Nurturing children from such a young age is known to have a better result. Thus, the kindergarten to secondary academic levels is a very prominent education that is great in building the Student’s character. That is why; the Global Sevilla is one of the best schools you should consider.

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